The Precinct

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to visit during lunchtime and sample some of the food at The Precinct in midtown St. Louis (1900 Locust). The Precinct is also open for dinner and post-game eating and drinking. (Until 1:00 a.m. Monday thru Thursday nights and until 3:00 a.m. on Friday thru Sunday nights.)

Not only will you find several great menu choices, you might also run into former St. Louis Cardinal (and Precinct partner) Jim Edmonds!


My tasting included ribs that were perfectly smoked and not sauced (which is my preference).

Ribs Precinct

The Precinct’s BBQ “Carolina” Steak Burger is a beef brisket sandwich served with coleslaw. Delicious!

Precinct brisket

A spicy selection at The Precinct is the Southwest Steak Burger, made with chorizo, a fried egg, avocado, candied jalapeños and a sriracha aioli. Not something I’d want to eat everyday, but it delivers an interesting combo of flavors to be enjoyed on occasion.

SW Steakburger

The Precinct also has Flatbreads, including the Italian, shown below.

Precinct Flatbread

The dining room at The Precinct is spacious.

Precinct roomThe bar is inviting and well-stocked.

Precinct bar

And, as mentioned, you might run into Jim Edmonds. I caught Jim and Tim McKernan (and producer) during a break in their radio broadcast from The Precinct.

Jim and Tim

Click HERE to get a printable version of The Precinct menu, which includes The Precinct’s famous (infamous?) Hot Pursuit Challenge. That’s a plateful chicken wings with a powerfully hot sauce. The menu notes that anyone taking the challenge should “be prepared to sign a waiver.”

One more food note: If you’ve seen the new movie Chef and have been craving a Cuban sandwich, The Precinct menu has one that includes “cilantro pesto.” (Newly added to my “must try” list.)

The Precinct is a quick ride from the downtown business district, not far from Wells Fargo HQ and SLU, and generally has a good number of on-street parking spots available nearby.

Click HERE to go to The Precinct’s homepage.




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