Schweddy Balls—They’re Everywhere!

It’s an SNL classic. The Delicious Dish radio show with special guest Pete Schweddy. Who just happened to bring along a special Christmas treat!

The bit, which originally aired in December 1998, has been replayed many times on TV and viewed over and over on Youtube. Ana Gasteyer, Molly Shannon and, especially, Alec Baldwin played it perfectly. Hats off also to the writers of the bit.

Since then, several folks have stepped forward to offer their own recipes for Scheddy Balls. So, lets check a few of them out!


HERE are Schweddy meatballs from Krissy Allori. They look delish. (Shown above.)

HERE are cheese Schweddy balls, with peppers mixed in to make you Schweddy!


HERE you can find Schweddy Balls made from chocolate and Nutella. (Above.)

HERE are Schweddy balls that are a sweet treat from Katrina in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.


HERE is a recipe for Paleo Chocolate Truffle Schweddy Balls. (Above.)

HERE is the recipe for Schweddy Balls made from chocolate chips, crushed vanilla wafers and bourbon (or other potent potable).

You may recall that Ben & Jerry’s briefly had a Schweddy Balls Ice Cream flavor but that has been discontinued.

I can’t vouch for any of these recipes. But I think it would be great fun to invite your holiday party guests to enjoy a taste of your Schweddy Balls!

It’s like Pete says, “No one can resist my Schweddy Balls.”


Coffee: The World In Your Cup and St. Louis In Your Cup

If coffee is a big part of your life, you will want to visit Missouri History Museum and check out their new coffee exhibit.

Coffee entry

St. Louis’s early settlers were of French descent and the French were among Europe’s biggest coffee consumers. Back in the 250-years-ago day, folks had to roast, grind and brew their own beans, meaning the product in one’s cup could be inconsistent.

(Way more inconsistent than my too-strong or too-weak morning coffee made via our Cuisinart Grind and Brew drip coffee maker.)

Old pots

Shown above are some vintage coffee pots featured in the exhibit.

As a media person, I enjoyed the mid-20th century vintage TV spots for Old Judge Coffee. It was “irradiated for a flavor boost.”

Old Judge magician

Old judge can

Dana Brown and his Safari Coffee are featured.

Coffee Dana

There are video presentations featuring newer local coffee roasters like Stringbean Coffee (Pete Cohen is pictured below) and Blueprint Coffee.

Coffee pete

coffee blueprint

I like the personal part of the exhibit where visitors are encouraged to write down their own coffee memories on a coffee filter. Here are three of them I snapped at random:

Coffee memory 1

coffee memory 2

coffee memory 3

The St. Louis skyline mural, made entirely of coffee beans, is impressive. It really needs to be seen up close and personal so you can fully appreciate it.

Coffee mural

There’s much more to Coffee: The World In Your Cup and St. Louis In Your Cup than I am able to share here.

The coffee exhibit with the long name at Missouri History Museum continues through January 3, 2016. Admission to the exhibit is free.

Missouri History Museum is located on the north side of Forest Park, just off Lindell Boulevard at DeBaliviere. Hours are 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., except Tuesdays when open until 8:00 p.m. Click HERE for more info on the coffee exhibit.

Fresh Thyme Opens Wednesday!

Fresh Thyme markets will open their stores in West STL County and O’Fallon, Missouri Wednesday, November 4, at 7:00 a.m.


The stores will kick things off with ribbon cuttings at 6:45 a.m. When the doors open, the first 250 shoppers at each store will receive free reusable shopping bags filled with $50 worth of healthy and organic groceries.

The stores are located at 13957 Manchester and at 2235 Highway K. (Fresh Thyme opened in Fairview Heights earlier this year.) Online link:

According to their release, Fresh Thyme Farmers Market has “an extensive produce department with organic and local fruits and vegetables, a natural meat department, healthy deli foods to go, bakery goods, 300 bulk food bins, dairy and frozen, and health supplement products.”

One presumes, based on the name, the stores will have an especially good selection of herbs.