Actually, two big THANK YOU’s. No, three.

1. Thank you for listening to the show. Even if you just catch part of it. Remember that you can click on the “past shows” tab at the top of this page to hear what you have missed.

2. Thanks to our advertisers who are looking to reach listeners who like to eat and drink and do have disposable income to spend on restaurants, bars, beer/wine/spirits, specialty food stores, kitchenware and kitchen appliances. Without your support, we would not be here.

3. Thanks, especially, to all the folks who have appeared as guests on the show. Your insight and your good will are appreciated!

At the six months mark in the evolution of Food Talk STL, I can truly say that I have learned a lot about food and drink and St. Louis. I think that I have transitioned from a music jock to a talk host without too many rough spots.

Again, thanks for listening!


Saturday, July 28

We wrap up six months of Food Talk STL with a big show this Saturday.

Catherine Neville of Feast Magazine will share highlights from the 2012 “Feast 50,” a list of reader-submitted people, places and things they love from the STL food & beverage scene. (A few on the 2011 Feast 50 list were staff picks.)

Angie Ortmann, who wears many hats, will talk about sharing her love of wine with others. How does a restaurant put together its wine list? We’ll ask the @STLwinegirl, as she is known on Twitter.

Al Carfagna of Mama Gusto’s is a personable guy who has brought his pizza (and other Italian food) to St. Louis. Mama Gusto’s has been a big success in Lebanon, Illinois and now is growing in popularity at 7700 Ivory.




Weblinks Galore for Saturday, 7/21 Guests!

St. Louis craft beer enthusiast Eric Hildebrandt is @Ericstl6 on Twitter.

To find St. Louis Craft Beer Week on the web, click HERE.

To check out the STL Hops craft beer blog, click HERE.

For info about Overlook Farm and chef Michael Polcyn, click HERE.

Overlook Farm’s Twitter feed: @OverlookFarm

For info about Chefs4Students, click HERE.

Linda Jones of ChaCha Chow is on Twitter: @whereschacha

For info about the Cha Cha Chow food truck, click HERE.

The Summer Truck is on Twitter: @SummerTruck

The St. Louis Food Truck Association is on Twitter. Follow: @STLFTA

For the STL Food Truck Association’s website, click HERE. (Site is under construction as of 7/21/12.)

Food Media Forum

Stefani Pollack and Kimberly Hendricks were on Saturday’s Food Talk STL (7/14) with info about the Food Media Forum, which is set for July 28-29 at Moulin, 2017 Chouteau in St. Louis.

Click HERE to listen to that interview.

Cost for the Food Media Forum is $100 and that includes lunch both days. See Forum agenda.

This is a good opportunity for food bloggers, budding restaurant reviewers, aspiring cookbook writers and others who want to join the growing ranks of food writers, to get new ideas and make new friends. If you know someone who might like to attend, please spread the word.

French Cooking!

For tomorrow’s Bastille Day show, Ivy Magruder from Vin de Set will chat about French cooking. He’ll share what he learned about French cuisine when he visited France. And he’ll mention something they’ll be doing Saturday at Vin de Set.

(Hint: Let Them Eat Cake!)

Bastille Day Broadcast

This Saturday, July 14, FOX-2’s John Pertzborn and his wife Mary will visit. They’ll suggest some of their favorite places to visit in MetroEast for good food and drink.

Also, Stefani Pollack and Kimberly Henricks will talk about the Food Media Forum which is coming up at the end of the month.

And since Saturday is Bastille Day, we’ll pay homage to French cooking! Vive le Food Talk!



Saturday’s Roundtable

This Saturday, 7/7, our show will be a roundtable discussion of various food and drink topics.

On the panel for the hour (11:00 a.m. to noon) will be Ian Froeb of Riverfront Times, Michael Renner of Sauce magazine and Jess Leitch of Cityinajar.com.

Listen live to 590-AM, the Fan, KFNS. Or listen online at kfns.com.