Actually, two big THANK YOU’s. No, three.

1. Thank you for listening to the show. Even if you just catch part of it. Remember that you can click on the “past shows” tab at the top of this page to hear what you have missed.

2. Thanks to our advertisers who are looking to reach listeners who like to eat and drink and do have disposable income to spend on restaurants, bars, beer/wine/spirits, specialty food stores, kitchenware and kitchen appliances. Without your support, we would not be here.

3. Thanks, especially, to all the folks who have appeared as guests on the show. Your insight and your good will are appreciated!

At the six months mark in the evolution of Food Talk STL, I can truly say that I have learned a lot about food and drink and St. Louis. I think that I have transitioned from a music jock to a talk host without too many rough spots.

Again, thanks for listening!


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