Schweddy Balls—They’re Everywhere!

It’s an SNL classic. The Delicious Dish radio show with special guest Pete Schweddy. Who just happened to bring along a special Christmas treat!

The bit, which originally aired in December 1998, has been replayed many times on TV and viewed over and over on Youtube. Ana Gasteyer, Molly Shannon and, especially, Alec Baldwin played it perfectly. Hats off also to the writers of the bit.

Since then, several folks have stepped forward to offer their own recipes for Scheddy Balls. So, lets check a few of them out!


HERE are Schweddy meatballs from Krissy Allori. They look delish. (Shown above.)

HERE are cheese Schweddy balls, with peppers mixed in to make you Schweddy!


HERE you can find Schweddy Balls made from chocolate and Nutella. (Above.)

HERE are Schweddy balls that are a sweet treat from Katrina in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.


HERE is a recipe for Paleo Chocolate Truffle Schweddy Balls. (Above.)

HERE is the recipe for Schweddy Balls made from chocolate chips, crushed vanilla wafers and bourbon (or other potent potable).

You may recall that Ben & Jerry’s briefly had a Schweddy Balls Ice Cream flavor but that has been discontinued.

I can’t vouch for any of these recipes. But I think it would be great fun to invite your holiday party guests to enjoy a taste of your Schweddy Balls!

It’s like Pete says, “No one can resist my Schweddy Balls.”


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