RFT’s Iron Fork—Loved It!

I promised myself I would not overdo it at Iron Fork this year. But there was so much good food and drink—that promise was quickly broken.

Tom at Iron Fork

My favorites tastes were the Beef and Barley Soup from Iron Barley, Bread Pudding from Cyrano’s and the Lobster Risotto from Scape. (Above is a photo of Iron Barley’s Tom Coghill in action.)

Here are a few pics of some more good-looking (and good-tasting) items at last Thursday’s (3/20/14) event:

Pork loin Dressel'sThe pork loin from Dressel’s (shown above) was served with grits and chowchow. Tasty!

Elvis Waffle

The Elvis Waffle (above) from Melt was a crowd favorite.

Scallops CTFHCentral Table Food Hall brought delicious scallops (above).

Veal meatball HWKHome Wine Kitchen served up a veal meatball with a neat blueberry sauce.

Whisk cookiesWhisk Bakery offered up a Chocolate Chip Cookie with Bacon and a Popcorn Cookie. Both very good!

Thanks to everybody who shared your food and drinks at this year’s Iron Fork event! Y’all did good!


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