Nick Malgieri on Saturday’s Show

He has a new book called “Bread,” subtitled “Plus Sweet and Savory Recipes Made From Bread.” We’ll talk about the book, its recipes and its “shout out” to a local bar.

We’ll also talk about his appearance next week at Cravings in Webster (Monday evening) and his experiences working with Julia Child.



One thought on “Nick Malgieri on Saturday’s Show

  1. Hello Mr. Craig…….have listened to most of your programs since you recently came on 590. Very informative. Unfortunately I can’t take notes when I’m driving and was listening to your talk with Nick Malgieri this morning during your 11 AM show when he mentioned getting the recipe for those great O’Connells burgers from one of their managers, but I can’t remember where he said he had published it. Would appreciate your responding with that source.

    If it’s in his new book “Nick Malgieri’s Bread” book that your discussed during your show then I could simpley buy it.

    Thanks for your help. By the way, I’ve experimented with burger combos and have found equal parts of ground chuck, ground sirloin and ground beef short ribs really is a great combo. I have my own grinder and cut out most of the fat from the meats before grinding for health reasons, and it would be great to see what O’Connells does to keep theirs juicy and medium rare. Thanks for your help, and keep up the show……very informative and the informal
    format is just right. Jim Checkett

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