Shop Like A Chef—Get This Book!

Clara Moore and Matt Sorrell (pictured below) have delivered an excellent book with great information about where to buy food in metro St. Louis. As a contributor to their Kickstarter fund which helped get the book published, I am happy to report that the book has tons of useful content.

Shop Like A Chef: A Food Lover’s Guide To St. Louis Neighborhoods assembles retail food sources first by neighborhood, then (in greater detail) by the food they offer.

Clara and Matt

And it includes recipes!  They include a variety of dishes ranging from gumbo to asparagus Milanese to Mexican wedding cookies to Sopska salata to buttermilk fried chicken to roasted eggplant “meatloaf.”

The book gives suburbanites who rarely enter St. Louis city (except for Cardinals games) numerous ideas for places to score food items not carried by the major chains. Or, if the items are available at chain grocers, the smaller shops may offer fresher versions or ethnic variations.

Likewise, for those city dwellers who have heard of places like Ballwin but never ventured there, SLAC:AFLGTSLN mentions stores like The Smokehouse Market (Chesterfield), Jalisco Market (Overland) and Piccolino’s (Ferguson).

SLAC cover

Shop Like A Chef can help you plan for entertaining whether it’s a gourmet dinner or a sports-watching party. By suggesting new possibilities or rekindling a memory of something you read about in Bon Appetit ten years ago, SLAC:AFLGTSLN is a good resource for people who like to eat and especially for those who like to cook.

Like a huge plate of baba ghanoush (recipe on page 175), Shop Like A Chef can be savored in small bites or gobbled up in one sitting. If you love shopping for food and then preparing that food, get this book. And use it.

List price is 15.95. Click HERE for a list of bookstores and grocery stores that carry Shop Like A Chef. It is also available from Amazon.

Saturday, August 18 Show

Saturday, we’ll have a panel discussion show with Evan Benn of the Post-Dispatch and Matt Sorrell of Ladue News Spicy Bits, Feast, Alive and other media outlets.

We’ll discuss a variety of food and beverage related topics, such as: Does the term “food porn” bother you? Toasted Ravioli—should it be celebrated or retired? What are the foods that you will not eat—not Zimmern weird, but things that are on menus? What’s the tastiest dish you’ve had in a restaurant—or from a food truck—lately?

If you’d like to call in with a question or comment, you can dial us up at 314-969-0590.





Saturday, April 14th

This Saturday (4/14), food writer Matt Sorrell will be in studio to talk about which new spots in town and in the ‘burbs are attracting his attention. Matt writes the Spicy Bits column for Ladue News.

If you click on the “Past Shows” tab at the top of this page, you can listen to audio clips from last Saturday’s show, including: a chat with Crossing waiter Douglas Denney, Janet and Nikki from The Caramel House and chef Fabrizio and manager Alec from Cielo at the Four Seasons hotel.