Dill Pickle Soup recipe from The Fountain on Locust

Provided by Joy from The Fountain on Locust


16 cups natural or high quality prepared chicken broth

16 cups diced potatoes

14 crushed dill pickles

2 cups sour cream

2 cups milk

dill for garnish


Simmer potatoes in broth for 15 minutes

Add crushed dill pickles, simmer for 5 more minutes

Use immersion blender to puree, leaving some chunks of potatoes

Mix sour cream and milk together in separate bowl

Slowly add about a cup of the soup mixture to the sour cream mixture to temper

Add tempered sour cream to soup

Taste before serving

Garnish with a dollop of sour cream

Serve and enjoy!

The Fountain on Locust is at 3037 Locust in the Midtown Alley neighborhood. Call 314-535-7800. Online at fountainonlocust.com.


Looking Ahead

Now that the first Food Talk STL show has happened, it’s time to look ahead.

On our 2/11 show, an old radio friend, Joy Grdnic, is scheduled to visit. She is the owner of The Fountain on Locust. Nate Selsor, a bartender at Monarch, is on the agenda. And John Johnson, chef for Lumiere Place, is coming by to chat about his participation in St. Louis Mardi Gras.

I plan to share some newsy notes during each show—tidbits from the local food scene, including events and activities.

There are so many things going on for local diners, drinkers (alcoholic and non-alcoholic), food shoppers and cooks. On Food Talk STL, I’ll try to touch on many areas of interest. Thanks for listening!

—David Craig