New Favorite

The ChoriHuevo Torta at Mission Taco Joint in the Loop is something you might want to try. It’s not a menu item I would’ve normally opted for, but I wanted something different when I lunched at MTJ last week.


It’s made with chorizo sausage, fried egg, jalapeños, cheese, black beans and “garlic lime mayo.” Happily, all those ingredients are served on a roll that complements rather than dominates.

“It’s the closest thing we have to a breakfast item,” said the bartender. (He was my server as we ate at the bar). It’s a very filling sandwich. I ate half and brought the other half to my wife who also liked it.

My son had the Three Little Piggies Burrito (pork shoulder, pork belly carnitas and chorizo queso are the main ingredients) which he loved.

Mission Taco Joint is located at 6235 Delmar, a block or so west of Skinker.

Gettysburger at Blueberry Hill

gettysburger sm

In honor of the 150th anniversary of The Gettysburg Address, the first 150 people to order a “Gettysburger” at Blueberry Hill today (Tuesday, November 19th), will receive a collectible copy of the Gettysburg Address  and the history behind this historical speech.

Blueberry Hill is located at 6504 Delmar in the U City Loop.