Nora Ephron on Desserts and Dessert Spoons

I was rereading Nora Ephron’s book I Remember Nothing and came across this nugget based on her perception that modern restaurants serve desserts with bigger spoons:

“Here’s the thing about dessert—you want it to last. You want to savor it. Dessert is so delicious. It’s so sweet. It’s so bad for you so much of the time. And, as with all bad things, you want it to last as long as possible. But you can’t make it last if they give you a great big spoon to eat it with. You’ll gobble up your dessert in two big gulps. Then it will be gone. And the meal will be over.

Why don’t they get this? It’s so obvious.

It’s so obvious.”

To read her full essay on dining as it appeared in the New York Times in September 2006, click HERE.




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