Alastair Nisbet Brings Scotland And Its Food to St. Louis and The World

Alastair Nisbet at bar

Alastair Nisbet, owner of The Scottish Arms restaurant and bar in St. Louis, is starring in a series of videos celebrating the food of Scotland. (2015 is the Year of Food and Drink in Scotland.) Here’s the first video:

Nisbet spoke recently about why he came to the U.S. from Scotland and the work he did in St. Louis before opening The Scottish Arms a decade ago. (Audio runs 2:54)


Alastair points to his hometown of Aberdeen on the map of Scotland he proudly displays at The Scottish Arms.

How was Alastair chosen to do the videos? (Audio runs 3:55)

Here’s Alastair’s April video in which he prepares Scottish Salmon:

Alastair has another restaurant and bar in St. Louis called The Shaved Duck, featuring a totally American type of cooking. He explained how the place got its name. (Audio runs 2:26)

The bar at The Scottish Arms is well stocked.

Scottish Arms bar


There have been changes in the beer selection at The Scottish Arms in recent times. (Audio runs 2:00)

Be sure to bookmark the website and look for Alastair’s videos each month.

Alastair outside Scottish Arms

The Scottish Arms is located at 8 South Sarah Street, just north of Forest Park Avenue (and just a hop, skip and jump from the new IKEA store).

The Shaved Duck is located at 2900 Virginia at Pestalozzi in Tower Grove East.


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