FREE Beer???

cbc sign

Regulations prohibit Ryan and Brandon Nickelson (pictured below), owners of the new Craft Beer Cellar in Clayton, from saying that they are giving away free beer.

Ryan and Brandon

However, they will be giving away a free gift to their first 1,000 customers who make a purchase when they open to the public on Saturday, May 17, at 10:00 a.m. And, if those gifts are like the ones handed out to those who attended a preview event this week—and the rumor is they will be—each gift will include a six-pack of various beers.


The store, located at 8113 Maryland Avenue in Clayton, offers a huge variety of craft beers. St. Louis beers—Schlafly, 4 Hands, Six Row, Urban Chestnut, etc.—are represented prominently. Among the other beers at the Craft Beer Cellar are these pictured below.


A couple of brands you won’t find at the Craft Beer Cellar are Goose Island and Blue Moon. While Brandon and Ryan don’t mean any disrespect to those beers, they don’t fit the definition of “craft” beer that they go by. (In fact, you won’t find any A-B or MillerCoors beers in the store.)

But it’s not likely that you’ll walk out without finding a beer, or several, to take home. As mentioned, the choices are immense. And, along with Ryan and Brandon, their team is well-informed and enthusiastic about craft beer. If you ask for guidance or a recommendation, you’ll get it.


If you, like my friend Cindy Collins of KLOU radio (pictured above), enjoy craft beer, you may want to check out the Craft Beer Cellar. And do it Saturday. You just might get some free beer!

Click HERE to visit their Facebook page.


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