“The Sexiest Pie Scene Ever In A Movie”

That description of the pie making scene in the new movie Labor Day comes from Joyce Maynard. She wrote the novel that the movie is based on. So she is not exactly an unbiased commenter.

Pie scene

Still, most reviewers, whether they like film or not, have mentioned the scene in which Josh Brolin’s character connects with Kate Winslet’s character by making a peach pie. The scene has been compared to the pottery wheel scene in Ghost, which resonated with many moviegoers.

A big difference is that Ghost was a better movie than Labor Day. Another difference is there’s also a kid involved in the pie making.

Click HERE to read my review of Labor Day. (For me, it feels like a Lifetime/Hallmark movie with upgraded acting.)

peach basket

Labor Day raises two food-related questions for me: Who puts brewed coffee in their chili recipe? (Brolin’s character does in Labor Day.) And, when will this year’s first peaches be ready at Eckert’s?


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