Stone Soup Cottage Has Moved

Carl and Nancy McConnell have moved their Stone Soup Cottage to a new building just over a mile away from their original spot in Cottleville, St. Charles County. It’s new construction but uses much of the wood from the barn that was torn down to clear the space, maintaining a rustic feel.

Is it bigger? Yes, but each evening’s seating will remain small. Below is a look at the new main dining room.

SSC dining room

I spoke to Carl McConnell and he explained why the move was necessary in this chat that runs 5:17. (Click on the arrow to listen.)

The new building has a much bigger kitchen than the previous SSC location. Here’s a peek into the kitchen where several guests were hanging out during Tuesday night’s unveiling of the new place.

SSC Kitchen

The new Stone Soup Cottage facility has another room with this nice long table for special dinners and events. The room opens to a patio in back.

SSC Long Table

The new location of Stone Soup Cottage is at 5801 Highway N in Cottleville. Perhaps the most amazing thing about the new SSC is that it is surrounded by St. Charles County subdivisions, but its setting and immediate surroundings give you the feeling of being in the country.

SSC Place Setting

Click HERE to go to the Stone Soup Cottage website. Call for reservations at 636-244-2233.


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