Sparkling Ice

During June I have become a fan of Sparkling Ice, a zero calorie flavored drink. I discovered this product when I limped into Katy Trail Bike Rental in Defiance one Sunday morning with a painful thigh cramp and an empty water bottle. After a bottle of  Kiwi Strawberry flavored Sparkling Ice from their cooler and a brief rest, I was on my way.

I tracked down Sparkling Ice and found it at Wal-Mart and Dierbergs. I’ve tried several of their flavors but prefer the Kiwi Strawberry. Although the Pink Grapefruit flavor is a very close second!


What I like about this stuff is the flavors are sweet but not overwhelming (unlike most mainstream diet sodas). Also, the carbonation is just enough to liven up the drink but not quite enough to make you feel bloated. My only problem with Sparkling Ice is the poor design of the bottles: they are tall and slim and tend to fall over inside my refrigerator.

If you are a diet soda drinker, you might like Sparkling Ice. Dierbergs has Sparkling Ice on sale this weekend: a 17 ounce bottle for 88 cents.







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