Goodbye for Now

Saturday’s show (3/30/13) was my last Food Talk STL show on 590. The radio show is officially going on HIATUS.

Will it return? Maybe. When and where would it return? No idea.

Our website will remain active. And we’ll continue to post on our Twitter and Facebook accounts.

There are four main reasons why now it the time to end this weekly show on 590:

  • My brother passed away in January in Birmingham. Since then, I have spent a good deal of time in Alabama and will be spending more time there.
  • My PR and marketing workload has increased, leaving less time to put together a show each week.
  • Advertising revenues have been good, but not as good as projected.
  • Our show might not have been the best fit within the KFNS program lineup.

My thanks to the many KFNS staffers who helped me and supported me during my 14 months on 590. I truly could not have done it without you. Best of luck to all!

I’d also like to thank our advertisers, our guests and, especially, our listeners who were part of Food Talk STL during the past 14 months.

Thanks for participating and thanks for listening!

—David Craig



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