Guest Lineup for Saturday, 2/18/12

Joining us Saturday on Food Talk STL:

Ian Froeb, food critic for Riverfront Times. He posts food and beverage content online via RFT’s Gutcheck blog.

Andrea Kosinski, owner of Andrea’s Gluten Free. Her company makes and sells gluten free food items at their location in Chesterfield Valley. They sell products online to buyers across the US. Many of their baked goods are now available in select Schnuck’s stores.

Suzanne Corbett, who has written about food, cooking and travel for numerous local and national publications and online outlets.

Thank you to all who listened to our first two shows! Tell a friend that we are on air—LIVE—each Saturday morning, 11:00 a.m. to noon, on 590-AM, The Fan, KFNS.




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